Christmas Shopping

“I bought you a Christmas present today!” I beamed at Jack. “Is it edible?” “No” “Is it a weapon?” “No” My heart sank a little, as I wondered how much he was going to enjoy the Times Tables Fun Workbook I had purchased on impulse. I had bought it from The Book People at work. The Book People are a great organisation; they come into the work place around once a month and leave a sample of very reasonably priced books and gifts, none of which you ever knew you wanted or needed until you saw them, so then you … Continue reading Christmas Shopping

A Friday Morning

Friday 25 September 2015 It seems to me that other parents are much more decisive than me. It must be quite a time-saving device, actually, being decisive. Some people seem to have well-organised brains that function a bit like a drawbridge; they assess the information, make their decision, lower the drawbridge, and the matter is settled. No further time or energy is spent on the issue. Unfortunately my brain seems to work in a different way; the drawbridge does come down, but then I start pulling the ropes, lifting up the drawbridge just a little, poking my head out and … Continue reading A Friday Morning